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Mobile Website

Mobile Web design and development for mobile is way different than the traditional web design and development for PCs and desktops. Though designing for mobiles may seem limiting in comparison to the latter, it no way is. In fact, mobile web designing requires more efforts and skills.



Mobile Navigation

Standard website menus can´t be applied in many cases because of the screen size. The menu would be very uncomfortable for users and then the need to scroll down the menu to see all of the available content would use all of the viewable screen area on a mobile device. The solution is to make the navigation part of the first page and other pages automatically return to the first page to continue.

Mobile Content

The website content should be the highest priority. The screen is very small so there is a need to make the design as clean as possible with less images and a lot of white space. The mobile connection is not very fast to handle images, and it can make it harder to focus on the content. Only the most important content needs to be on your mobile website.

Mobile Links

On mobile everything is smaller and it is not different with links. You have to make mobile links easier to click on and easier to find with larger font sizes. When the link is selected, instead of just underlining it or changing its color, it should change the background color, even if the link is in the middle of a paragraph. It´s much better for mobile user to see what they have clicked on.

Various Mobile Screen Sizes

Each mobile phone has a different screen size, and some have two positions: vertical and horizontal. So, your site cannot have a fixed and be adaptable to the various screens sizes. Also you can limit the zoom of the interface and the size of the screen using the properties of mobile web browsers. Frames and scrollable areas on a web page do not work well on mobile browsers.

Cross Platforms

Don´t expect your mobile site to look the same on all mobile browsers. We use special HTML elements and CSS properties to support as many mobile browsers as possible. The various heading markups for example will look different from browser to browser. If you want a site that works well on many different phones without having to build a separate application for each mobile operating system than a JED-WEB mobile website is for you. you.

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